Innovations – IT – Data – Cyber

GGV has a team specialising in intangible and digital assets, helping companies and organisations of all sizes and in a wide range of sectors to protect their intangible assets, protect data, manage IT projects and manage and secure innovative projects.

The members of our division also support our customers in developing their online commercial activities.

Our teams also have the experience and skills needed to support our customers in the ethical and sustainable aspects of their projects.

Our skills

Data protection – GDPR

GGV helps its clients to address risks by protecting corporate data (business confidentiality), employee data, and customer or prospect data (personal data) and to seize the new opportunities offered by the data economy.

In this context, our lawyers conduct audits (compliance audits, due diligence), carry on mappings (of protectable data and information, of risks), conduct privacy impact assessments (DPIA), draft and negotiate confidentiality agreements, and assist companies in the development, implementation and monitoring of compliance programmes (personal data).

GGV also assists its clients before the administrative authorities (CNIL) and the judicial – civil or criminal – and administrative courts, as well as before the police authorities, particularly in the event of a data leak or cyber-attack. GGV assists its clients in preventing cyber risks (negotiating cyber insurance, assistance in drawing up prevention plans) and in the event of a cyber-attack (dealing with insurers, etc.).

Finally, our lawyers act as outsourced DPOs for certain clients with cross-border activities.



GGV’s lawyers assist and defend the interests of our clients in relation to:

  • websites & online platforms (drafting of General Terms and Conditions, legal notices, information notices, privacy policy, cookies banner);
  • e-commerce (drafting of General Terms and Conditions, setting up of purchase tunnels that comply with consumer law and pricing regulations, defence before the courts in the context of consumer disputes);
  • online content liability, dereferencing and e-reputation (privacy, image rights, denigration, online press offences);
  • online games.



GGV assists its clients in drafting and/or negotiating IT contracts (outsourcing, maintenance, cloud computing, SAAS, software licences, etc.).

GGV also assists its clients in the pre-contractual phase, drawing up specifications or formulating requirements.

Finally, GGV intervenes, in cooperation with GGV’s litigation team, when the question arises of failure to fulfil the contract.



Cybersecurity and criminal lawyers collaborate to better support you

CEO fraud, fake bank account fraud, cryptocurrency wallet siphoning, phishing, large-scale scams… GGV assists its clients, both individuals and businesses, in defending their interests in the event of a cyber-attack.

Working in close collaboration with strong technical partners, GGV’s offer ranges from prevention and team training to defining the legal framework and ensuring cyber compliance, crisis management, filing complaints, monitoring investigations up to trial, and enforcing court decisions.


Innovative technologies

Our teams are trained in decentralised technologies and have solid experience of web3 projects (blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFT, Metavers), governance/DAO, crypto compliance and personal data protection.

The challenges, both ethical and technical, associated with Artificial Intelligence are also at the heart of the issues our teams deal with on a daily basis.


Impact projects

The firm’s involvement in all areas of innovation means that it is able to provide support to technology project leaders who wish to pursue projects that are both ethical and sustainable.


Intellectual property

In a transnational legal environment, GGV helps companies to structure, protect and defend their intangible assets, through

  • registering and monitoring of trademarks and designs, and creating Soleau enveloppes;
  • structuring, negotiating and drafting contracts (operating licences, assignment contracts, etc.)
  • assistance before management bodies, defence before the courts (civil, criminal, etc.) in the context of actions for infringement, unfair competition or parasitism.

Our methodology

We conduct our projects on a collaborative, pragmatic and human basis.

  • Consideration of economic, ethical, social, and environmental issues
  • An in-depth knowledge of the business world and its challenges enables our lawyers to offer our clients solutions that go beyond the strict field of Innovation – IP – IT and data protection by involving lawyers from other GGV areas of expertise (commercial law, employment law, litigation, compliance, etc.)
  • Possibility to rely on a worldwide network of correspondents and experts (IT security, insurance) in close coordination with the client company’s internal teams
  • An international team able to work in French, English and German
  • Predictable fee setting

Our clients

  • DPOs, General Counsels, HRIS project teams, CTOs, CFOs, CSOs
  • International groups and their French subsidiaries
  • SMEs and start-ups

Sectors of activity

  • Telecommunications
  • Energy / Environment
  • Logistics / facility management
  • Large-scale food retailing
  • Luxury / Art
  • Automotive
  • Gaming
  • IT / Tech
  • Institutions / International organisations
  • Health / Medical